Cave Paintings?

Cave Painting better full view

As I explained in one of the accompanying posts, the red buffalo in the Altamira caves of Spain is one of my favorite works of art, one I think eclipses practically all of the art that came after it. It seems that the urge to create is almost timeless.

I got to thinking, what would happen after an apocalyptic event: severe climate shifts, the Yellowstone super-volcano  erupting, nuclear war, Justin Beiber being elected president..what kind of art would be produced?

Probably not a formaldehyde filled tank with a dead shark floating in it. Consider the Altamira buffalo and other cave paintings of the Aurignacian period: representational of the most common features of neolithic life: food. I pondered what might a future survivor want to document for whatever ages might follow…what are the ubiquitous features of our modern civilization?

The automobile? Too obvious. Television? Too trite. George Clooney or Angelina Jolie? Please. I decided, arbitrarily,  that it would be Big Data. Each of us is categorized, analyzed, tracked, spammed, targeted and digitized to a degree that most of us are not even aware. What better image for that than the bar code? The QR code may or may not take its place some day, but I think the bar code does it for me.

This is mixed-media; concrete, steel, fiberglass, and acrylics.

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