Putting Things On Top of Other Things

dancer front side 2

If you are not old enough to remember Monty Python’s sketch, please check out You Tube.

My attitude about “found art” has always been skeptical, since a lot of it does remind me of things piled on top of other things. Plus, let’s face it, starting with Duchamps’ “Urinal” in 1917 much found art has am emperor’s new clothes aspect, with the market steered by galleries and critics out to ….make money. Birds made of kitchen utensils, or totems that consist of layers of rusted steel gears, discs, plates,tubes, and other refugees from the scrap heap, piled on top of one another, can certainly be clever, but art?

So when I saw the two objects in the scrapyard I immediately envisioned “Dancer” (although my sister-in-law thinks it should be Testing The Water”). Is it good art? If someone buys it, hell yes. Have I changed my attitude about Found Art? Hell no.

One comment

  1. When I first the picture of this sculpture I could envision the dancer. Now that you’ve mentioned Monty Python, all I can see is King Arther looking down at the dismembered Black Knight who keeps biting him in the ankles. Either way, very creative!

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